We believe in simplicity
as a way to be grounded

Be Longing(s) is a multidisciplinary lifestyle brand producing thoughtfully made goods for the person and the home. Useful, beautiful, desirable objects. Personal belongings, timeless furniture, non-fashion clothing, homeware, textiles, lighting, and more. All having a common story-telling say. We use high-quality raw materials in order to obtain a natural, live, humble, and subtle feel.
Be Longing is a visual soul language. We believe in simplicity as a way to be grounded. We craft our limited editions with genuine attitude and serious attention to every detail. Most of our products are made of reclaimed materials with a patina of a memory within them. A hidden reference to their previous existence. The collections are changing and evolving, inspired by found nature. We work with local artisans, cherishing their craft know-how.



Affinitie to nature
from seed to shelf

The Be Longing(s) brand was founded with the purpose of sharing its values in the design, art, and makers field. The vision is for a multidisciplinary platform with a simple, honest creativity. It is characterized by an affinity to nature, sustainability, and slow processes. Making individual pieces with the timeless qualities of thoughtfulness and dedication.
In this age of technology, we trust that special emphasis should be given to the preservation of craft know-how and skills. We believe in craft pride, locality, sharing with the community, and working with local artisans. In a world abound with new materials, we are passionate about using raw materials which already exist. Seeking natural reclaimed components and transforming them into desirable things and belongings. Using industrial or salvaged leftovers as an inspiration, and repurposing them into a new object; allowing the ordinary to be endowed with poetic meaning.

We believe that these used materials carry special references, memories, and energy which transfer to the new products. They become  intimate, visual story-tellers objects. Be Longing honors transparent processes of making, continuity, simplicity, and integrity… from the seed to the shelf.

וואבי סאבי הגדרה


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