A Multidisciplinary heaven for design and art lovers who appreciate beautiful and unique objects with all their handmade “imperfections”

Be Longing(s) is a multidisciplinary lifestyle brand producing thoughtfully made goods for the person and the home. Useful, beautiful, desirable objects. Personal belongings, timeless furniture, non-fashion clothing, homeware, textiles, lighting, and more. All having a common story-telling say. We use high-quality raw materials in order to obtain a natural, live, humble, and subtle feel.

Be Longing is a visual soul language. We believe in simplicity as a way to be grounded. We craft our limited editions with genuine attitude and serious attention to every detail. Most of our products are made of reclaimed materials with a patina of a memory within them. A hidden reference to their previous existence. The collections are changing and evolving, inspired by found nature. We work with local artisans, cherishing their craft know-how.

Noa Bar lev Davidor, the founder and head designer of the brand, is a maker  in various creative fields and disciplines; artist, interior/exterior creator, product designer, vision and concept consultant, aesthetic developer.

אווירה הגדרה


Crafting our products, promoting refined beauty with rustic elegance

Our aesthetics is authentic, unpretentious, and connected to nature. We derive our inspiration mostly from the change of the seasons and the immediate surroundings. The studio uses natural and breathable materials like linen, hemp, cotton, felt, wood, raw iron, zinc, glass, clay, paper, and more, promoting refined beauty with rustic elegance. We make a wide range of non-fashionable and timeless products such as furniture, clothing, homeware, textiles, and lighting.

We are fascinated by random accidents which happen during the creative process. This is based on the ability to welcome the accidental with open arms. It is something that cannot be planned and always leads us to new ideas and desirable products. Small miracles that happen by chance during the research and lead to creative results. Our mission is to use as much salvage, leftovers, and used materials as we can. Used materials which gained value through use and age bring these qualities out in our products. We respect things created through labor because they possess a quality that a machine is incapable of providing.

עבודת יד הגדרה

The studio’s talented team works with various techniques and methods, enjoying the freedom of mixing between disciplines, developing and creating with attention and great care to those simple yet special objects with a human handprint.



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